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Released in June 2013, the Galaxy Mega is a 6.3" smartphone featuring a 720P display, dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera.

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Galaxy Mega keeps rebooting after successful software update

Have a galaxy Mega, replaced screen, worked great afterwards, the device recommends I perform a software update (no it wasn't an ad lol) and so it did, now it won't start. Just buzzes and flashes the bootup screen OVER and OVER and OVER till it runs out of juice.


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Make recovery mode with your phone.

Entering recovery mode on Samsung is very easy.

All you have to do is shut down your device and boot while holding the volume up, home button and power button simultaneously.

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Tried that and it did not work...any other things to try?


Phonetech93, I have tried that a few times, but still reboots constantly. Is there any other way to get the cell phone start normally again? For my information, what makes the phone reboot constantly? Is it a virus that is disturbing the OS of the phone? So I know next time what the problem is.


i have the same problem and nothing work with it i replace my battery and still the same , i tried all the software solutions and still have the same problem i try to fix the hardware on it still the same problem , how can i fix it ???


More of a main board problem, I guess !


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