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Пятое поколение iPhone. Ремонт данного устройства простой и требует только отвёрток, лопатки для открытия и терпения. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32 или 64 Гб / Черный или Белый.

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itunes error 48 , stuck in recovery mode

i would like to know how to fix the itunes error 48 because i am stuck in recovery mode until restore

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help me ! how to fix error 48.


hi.. did you find solution with the error 48? pls let me know


can u solved this problem ? because i have same problem with this.


guys i found the answer with error 48.. check it solvusoft.com and emal me if it works for you^^ my email is rosebear.laygo@gmail.com


help me plz, error 48 in recovery iphone 4s. teccelp@gmail.com


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Here's how to fix error 48

1. Update your iTunes software

2. Restart your iPhone Device and Computer

Turn off your Device and your Computer. Then Turn them ON again. It will fix this iTunes Error 48 problems.

3. Unplug any extra USB Devices

4. Restore your iPhone Device without SIM Card

Remove the SIM Card

Restart the Device

Now, connect to iTunes

Start the ‘Restore‘ process

5. Clear your iPhone Browser Cookies, Cache, and History

Go to the Settings

Click on the Safari browser

Select the ‘Clear Website Data.’ option there

6. Do a Factory Reset of your iPhone Device

Go to the settings

Click on the ‘General‘ option

Now, click on “Reset & Approve” option there

By doing a factory reset of your iPhone can also fix this iPhone restore Error 48 problems.

7. Reset your iPhone Device

One of the best methods to solve this Error Code 48 problem is to reset your device. It will make many changes to your device. & also, make it better too. I know its most annoying & frustrating task, but it will help you.

Press & hold the Home & Sleep button both (about 15 sec.)

Reboot it

8. Run the Recovery Mode for your iPhone Device

Turn off your iPhone

Open iTunes & then

Connect your device to your PC by USB cable

Press & hold Home + sleep/wake button for some seconds

Now, release the power button

You will get ‘Connect to iTunes Screen.’

Now, your iPhone will be detected in ‘Recovery Mode.’

Backup & Restore the Data

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Hey Jake, this error usually happens when your ipsw is corrupted. I'd recommend you to download the firmware you want to update to. Then on iTunes while you're clikcing the restore button click the option key if you're on a Mac or the alt key if you're on pc and then choose the ipsw you downloaded and it should restore to that iOS: Also try this and this.

-Let me know how it goes.

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Even I downloaded ipsw many times, it's still occur the same error.


hi.. did you find solution with the error 48? pls let me know


Hold the shift key on a pc.


What on earth is one to do when you've already ERASED the iphone/factory reset it.....and you're trying to recover, and NOW you're getting the Error 48 message??? I get almost completely thru the Recovery process, then when it gets to the firmware stage, I stopped cold with the 48 error. But with an already erased iPhone that obviously cannot get to my Home Screen, or go online (all it can do is hook up to iTunes, via another

computer), I do not know a method by which I would be able to access that firmware.....even if it is the problem behind all this.

There must be a way though, right...? :-)


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Over the years we’ve had a few SmartPhone Recovery PRO customers contact us asking how to fix an iPhone stuck in recovery mode. As it appears to be a common problem (even among some of us here in the office), we thought we’d share a few methods of how to kick an iPhone out of recovery mode.

An iPhone can sometimes get stuck in recovery mode if:

You intentionally activated recovery mode to solve a problem

You’re trying to jailbreak your iPhone and it all went terribly wrong

Like many of us – you were simply trying to update to the latest iOS software

Here are our suggested methods of recovery if your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode:

Option A – Tiny Umbrella

Option B – iTunes Restore

Typically if your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode, this automatically means you have to kiss goodbye your current iPhone data and settings. The general method of recovery for an iPhone stuck in recovery mode is an iTunes restore – great if you have recently performed an iTunes backup, tragic if you have not. If your last iTunes backup was a while ago, you risk losing any data added to your device since your last iTunes backup. However, there is now a software that claims to get your iPhone out of recovery mode, without causing data loss (this method has also been known to work on a pesky iPad or iPod Touch stuck in recovery mode). Just follow the steps below to kick your device out of recovery mode. If you’d rather stick to the traditional iTunes method of recovery, scroll down to Option B and follow the prompts to recover any data obtained after your last iTunes backup.

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how to fixd apple iphone 5s error 50


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100% fix this problem

heat the baseband ic at 350° for 15 seconds

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Updating my 4S to IOS 8.4 was not succesful. Recovery using Itunes gave an Error 48.

Only fools do things over and over again and expect a different outcome.

So there I was being a fool trying recovery after recovery as suddenly I had an idee.

In my opinion there are 3 main factors: the hardware, the software and the test to make sure everything is working properly.

Hardware suddenly broke during update? I don't think so.

Software not OK? Not likely as the same software is already on millions devices.

Test not OK? Probably!

As I noticed being a fool, the Iphone was preparing, installing and testing and just before finishing gave Error 48. So the next time I tried, after the installation was finished and testing was about to end, I simply pulled the connection cord with my macbook and thus with Itunes. Now the testsoftware in Itunes, couldn't tell my Iphone he was not OK and he started just like that and is working properly ever since.

In this case, the patient was sic just because the doctor told him he was.

Maybe, there is something somewhere not 100% Ok, but if I can make calls, read mail, surf the net, use whatever app I tried so far, it is just a perfect working Iphone to me.

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May I ask you to be more specific? This is the first answer I see to this problem but I don't understand. You restored via your macbook I guess? And you unplogged while restoring but in which step??


I restored using Itunes on my macbook.

Put Iphone in recovery mode. Connect to Itunes, follow steps to restore, device will get the software, unpack it, install it, restore firmware and than start testing. The progression bar will jump to the end and stay there for a while and then will give Error 48. Just unplug the device before the error appears.

Before I did this I tried everything from dfu mode to uninstalling and reinstalling Itunes. Hard to give a detailled description and as you will understand, I will not try if I can do it again on my Iphone. If it ain't broke, don't fix it


I'm glad it worked for you but it didn't for me. After restoring the firmware that's it for me. No testing or anything. I tried unplogging in many different times but it just doesn't work. Thanks anyway.


My phone progress bar is stuck at the end after unplugging the cord.


hi.. did you find solution with the error 48? pls let me know


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Block Image

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solucion despues de leer y hacer una investigacion puesto q al restaurar con mi mac y usando purple restore el error q me arrojaba era al descargar los baseband... con itunes solo error 48 no te dice de q pero purple restore si... la solucion despues de leer es reemplazar el chip IC POWER BASEBAND ... saludos chao...


reemplazar en chip u18_rf


solucion despues de leer y hacer una investigacion puesto q al restaurar con mi mac y usando purple restore el error q me arrojaba era al descargar los baseband... con itunes solo error 48 no te dice de q pero purple restore si... la solucion despues de leer es reemplazar el chip IC POWER BASEBAND ... saludos chao...


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If you keep failing in iTunes, you can try to flash your device with itunes alternatives.

You can use 3uTools

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