When washer is turned on it agitates but makes a clicking noise

Washer agitates but makes a clicking noise. Turned it off and on a few times and the clicking finally stopped and seems to be fine but I'm sure something is going bad. What is it?

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Mine does the same, like this:

“Hand Washables” - beyond the purview of this post

“Extra Delicate” - intermittent with loud clicks

“Regular” - intermittent with loud clicks

“Heavy Duty” - works fine

“Hang Dry” - works fine

I've had this machine a long time. It used to do this "intermittent with loud clicks" thing on "Extra Delicate" I think. I never used it on "Hand Washables" but I suppose it probably did it on that cycle too. However, the setting I used the most and am most familiar with is "Regular" and it used to run continuous, not intermittent, but with gentler motion than in the "Heavy Duty" setting.

So - Regular is definitely broken.

I am about 90% certain that "Delicate" does not run like it used to either. Although it was always intermittent, presumably by design, it was on for more of each duty cycle. In other words, running right, it would be ONNNN then OFFFF for about 50% on / 50% off, for each cycle. Each cycle was maybe 2 seconds long (guessing from memory). At this moment it goes off the instant it starts, so it's more like 10% on / 90% off or even 5% on / 95% off. Each cycle is very short, say a half a second. Definitely not functioning right.


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