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Repair and support for ceiling-mounted bladed fans.

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Ceiling fan wiring: How to wire it properly so it powers up?

do not have a light fixture installed

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You do have power lines coming from the ceiling and you do have a proper junction box as well? What type (make/model is the fan? Post an image of what you want to wire the fan to with your question. Adding images to an existing question


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you're going to need the correct box mounted in the ceiling that can support the weight of the fan. You'll also need power run to it as well. I recommend for household purposes standard 12/2 romex. It's 12 awg wire which will handle the current adequately, and has neutral, ground, and power wires all together. Once power is run, preferably from a switch, make sure there is no current. Install the fan per instructions. The ground will either connect to a ground wire in the fan or to a ground screw (ground screws are always green), the neutral (white) wire will connect to the white from the fan, and the black (hot) wire will connect to same from fan. If installing a remote then it'll be a bit different as you'll hook those up to the remote receiver, and then the different wires to the fan/light.

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