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The Nokia Lumia 720 is a Windows Phone 8 device manufactured by Nokia. It was released in April 2013.

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Why my touch is not working?

i reset my lumia 720 some days ago after this when the phone is open then i see my below 1 inch touch is not working. i changed the touch but same problem again occur.

Plz solve my problem i m really worried about this problem

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i guess your new touchpad also faulty



is it possible that new touch can faulty???


Manish, Manufacturing faults can be happen, check with another touch pad and see what's gong on


sir my back key nad home key and search key not working nokia lumiya 720 4 day ago i have change folder its fine working but 4 day after tuch key back nd hom nd etc not working ....:(


Tanvi jain, Backup all data and reset the phone to factory default, after resetting same fault observed, it's better to check with new touchpad. most of cases like you mentioned coming from touchpad fault, such as drop or liquid damages


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Just check connector of your digitizer again - use magnifying glass and check if all pins are intact ( on both sides - Motherboard and cable). Clean with Alcohol ( not Beer or Whiskey) and carefully make a connection. You should hear and feel CLICK sensation if everything is ok

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yesterday my lumia phone touch working very good but...

today it cant work....

my phone touch is not damaged or cracked its completly good

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