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Released in 2012, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T is a 11.6", Windows-based Samsung tablet computer with 1366x768 pixel LCD, 64GB of storage capacity, and a processor capable of running up to 1.8 GHz.

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ATIV smart pc 500t that won't charge or turn on

I try to charge up my ATIV smart pc 500t over night and still see no light and can not start up.

please help

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same problem

this is my second 500t the fist went back to the repairs shop only a week old with touchcreen failure now this. No real help from agent hope there are answers this is bad. It was an upper price bracket tablet but.... what now? hope to see an answer


Same problem, I think windows update bricked it, last night I've updated my tablet and when I woke up it wont power on, no light indicator, and it wont charge. Someone please help us!


Same problem here too.


After I upgraded to Win 10 after a while it says Batterie low please charge (plug in AC message).

I let it run out so I could make a full charge.

But when it boots down itself cause of low Power, it shows the same symptom.

No reaction on Power button or charger. No LED lights up. Like dead


نفس المشكل لايتم الشحن تظهر البطارية مشحونة 100.


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I've changed the bios battery with no luck. I've already ordered the main battery, now waiting for the shipping from shenzen....i'll let you all know

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Hey Michael!

Check out our Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Troubleshooting for possible causes of your problem and how to fix them. Try charging the device using the solutions in the troubleshooting guide and if that fails, replace the battery using our Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T Battery Replacement guide.

Hope that helps!

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Hi, I tried accessing the battery replacement guide and was told that I can't view it. Suggestions?


These guides were published as part of a student guide, and they are still being reviewed to publish. Let me see what I can do.


It was just published! You should have no problem accessing the guide now. Please let us know how your repair goes!


Awesome! Thank you!


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same problem help please .....

Update (08/20/16)

So, I solve this problem removal Battery pack and battery from BIOS to 10 minutes.

I came to this view because many samsung-tablets when not responding to charging and the power button, solved by removing the battery .

sorry for my english...

Block Image

good luck guys!!!

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Thanks for your reply. I have removed the battery but can not find the battery of the bios. Where is it? Thanks.


battery removal did not work for me :(


my pc got damaged by water at the bottom area how do i get another chip to replace the spoilt one


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