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First generation of the SLK, also known as the R170 platform.

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What's causing my hardtop roof to not retract properly?

The hardtop convertible roof on my 2001 Slk 320 malfunctions and will not open and close properly.

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My 2003 230 slk roof has a problem .when you operate the switch the boot lid raises then won’t go any further i can hear the motor but tha is as far as it goes .Help


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I remember a british TV show about restoring classic cars Wheeler Dealers. In one episode, they fixed and Mercedes SLK R170 with the same sympton. They had to replace the hydraulic pump and relay of the retractable roof mechanism to solve the issue (I'd suggest you to begin changing only the relay first, because it's the cheapest part).

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There are so many things it could go wrong in the process of opening and closing roof on SLK models...

Electrical, hydraulics, wiring, sensors...

Does the main roof with flashes or stays on or does not light up at all... as I said if you give us more info we could help better...

As the person before suggested check relay and fuse of course... then all of the sensors... also hydraulic fluid level in the pump, as long as the pump is receiving power and works...

take care...


My car is a 1999 SLK Kompressor the top trunk comes up then the light just flashes


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I only had that problem once - I was trying to see if the roof would close (once I started closing it) even if I turn the car off before it fully closed. As soon as I turned the key off - the roof stopped closing. I was a bit worried so I drove it to my mechanic nearby. He simply restarted the car a couple of times and the roof closed fully.

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