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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Screen turns off on call, no sound from ear speaker


My dad's phone (LG G2 D802) got wet and I managed to replace it's screen (the entire display assembly).

After the replacement, the phone turns on and the screen work just fine.

The problem is that when answering an incoming phone (or calling), the screen turns black and you cannot hear the caller's voice (you can hear the sound from the mic on the other side though).

I think I may have damaged the ear speaker. I will replace it when getting the part. But I cannot get why the screen is going black? Is it related somehow?

Any ideas may help.

Thank you!

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I believe the screen should black out on phone calls. It's to stop your ear pressing the touch screen and is controlled by a proxy sensor to the left of the ear speaker when looking at the front of it.

It should only black out when the sensor is covered so not when your making a call and the phone is away from your face (on loudspeaker) to allow you to press options/numbers etc

Could be that you've damaged the proxy sensor when removing it.

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James-Where can I find a replacement ear speaker to replace my broken one? LG X Charge


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