Xbox One Stereo Headset, model number B00IAVDQCK. Released March 2014, compatible with the Microsoft Xbox One. Headset includes over-the-ear fabric ear cups, unidirectional boom microphone, and detachable headset adapter with volume and mic controls.

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What wire colors are in the TRRS 3.5mm jack?

I am trying to replace the jack on my headset. When I strip the cable down there are a black, blue, red, and white with a copper shield around it. I have the plug but I need to know which wires are for left speaker, right speaker, microphone, and ground. What do I connect the copper shielding to?

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jonathangavin, the common assignment for the TRRS connector are

Tip - left audio

Ring 1 (closest to tip) - right audio

Ring 2 - ground

Sleeve – microphone

Now there are two standards that are being used for the TRRS connector CTIA and OMTB, the only difference is the that ground and mic are reversed. So you may have to experiment a bit.

To check which wire belongs to what speaker, use a 9v battery and connect the copper to ground (-) (you can also assume the white is ground as well)and briefly touch the other wire to the positive contact. You should here your speaker "pop" that will identify which side it is. Once you identify the speakers, you know that the rest is microphone.

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I tried to trace them back by taking the headset completely apart and the closest I can make out is:

Blue - left

Red - right

Black - ground

White - mic

copper - (Do I add this with the black? I'm assuming the black is the speaker ground and the copper is the mike ground?)


What other wires to have on each individual speaker? i.e. Blue and what else? the black and white is what I am not convinced about. What happens when you connect white to - on a battery and tap blue to positive? Do you hear the speaker pop?


The left speaker has a blue and black wire, the right speaker has a red and black wire, and the mic has a white and copper. In the same tutorial there is a replacing the mic section and here is a pic of the mic terminals:


I'm at work right now and they are at the house. I will have to check with a 9v when I get home.


Perfect. so white and copper are mic. This way you also know that copper is ground.


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That was it. For anyone else that needs to know, here is the breakdown:

Tip - blue (left speaker)

1st ring - red (right speaker)

2nd ring - black and copper shield (ground)

Shield - white (microphone)

Hope this helps.

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You nailed it, works great. Now i dont have to throw out 2 sets of my grand kids headsets. Repair paid for itself. Thankyou


Works good, you just save me some money fixing my grandkids headset. Thank you


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For my Philips earphones with mic, this worked:

Tip - blue (microphone)

1st ring - red (right speaker)

2nd ring - coppers (ground)

Shield - black (left speaker)

I believe colors differ between makes.

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I have 4 colours in the earphne blue red green n copper wire n 4 slots in the mic mentioned as M,R,L,e where do I stick which colour


Well, my guess is the copper and silver should be the ground, and the red should be the Mic, im not sure though, still figuring this one out sadly to say


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