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Released May 2012, identified by model number J2011-03-US.

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Where to buy Jawbone big jambox replacement battery

I've been searching online for a new battery for big jambox so I could do it myself but no luck. Please help.

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You know, I'd try opening up that battery and see what it's composed of. You just might be able to build it yourself for $5 and a little solder.

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can you share some on this? you've got me curious


This is good advice.

I unplugged the battery pack and tested the output of the Big Jambox where the battery plugs in and it was reading just over 12v. The battery pack itself was reading 0v (not even a flutter on the voltmeter).

I took apart the battery pack and it consists of three LGABB41865 batteries and a circuit board. The batteries measured very low voltage (0.3v or less apiece, rated at 3.7v). I ordered 3 replacement batteries (at $5 apiece), which came charged to 3.6v. I removed the old batteries (not super easy since they were soldered in) and replaced them with the new ones. To my dismay, the output of the circuit board was still 0v.

So in my case, the problem was not the batteries themselves but the circuit board. There was no visible issue with the board. :(

There have been people selling the circuit boards on eBay but they're clearly used and it would be a bit of a risk to buy one IMO.


I've rebuilt several different types of battery packs. They are usually just off the shelf types of batteries with soldered connections sold at exorbitant prices. Open it up and look. If needed post some pictures of what you find. I did one last week for my wireless phone receiver for a land line. It was just a couple of AAA batteries that AT&T was selling for $16.95.


I totally agree with you but as I described above that is not the case here.

The (broken, cause of the problem) circuit board can be seen in this eBay listing:



Stefan - sorry I missed than you were not the original question poster.


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Found one on Ebay here. Hopefully that's what your looking for!

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Great find an the video he did really needs to be posted as a guide on iFixit!


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