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Repair guides and support for Chromo Inc. tablets. Chromo tablets include the name “Chromo” in capital letters in the center of the tablet’s backing.

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My chromo tablet shows the chromo logo, then turns off

i charged my chromo tablet all night and when i woke up i pressed the on button and it shows the chromo logo like its supposed to, but then it turns off. and then the logo keeps popping up again and shutting of until it stops completely. i don't know what to do and ive even tried the whole factory reboot method, but nothing is working. i just really want my tablet to be fixed and there has to be some way to do that without spending money on a repair man.

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Yeah you can fix it without spending money. You have to re-download the rom. Go into your recovery and delete everything then reflash your rom. That would fix the issue. It's probably just a problem with software. I had that happen to me when i tried to change the screen resolution on my LG G3.

Best of luck!

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I mean thanks for the answer, but my tablet wont fully turn on at all. it just shows the chromo logo, then turns off.


Same here shows the logo then just stops


I have sent several messages about this problem and still no answer. Is there a phone number where I can get technical support? I am ready to give up and send this tablet back as being worthless.


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