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iPod touch 5th gen screen blank

hey I replaced a ipod touch 5th gen screen and it was working fine before but after screen replacement the screen will power on (back light kicks in) but you don't see anything on the screen. I can hear siri in the background , etc.

seems to boot fine but no image just a blank screen with back light.

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Yeah it's attached but it's hard to work with when the connectors are upside down and trying to plug the lcd into the connectors.

I will also try the old screen to see if it shows any sign of life. if so, my new screen is bad !


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Sounds like a faulty part. Have you tried putting another screen on it? You might even the putting the old screen back on if the LCD still works on the old one.

If another part works then it is a faulty part. If the other part does the same thing then we can look more closely at what might be the problem.

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Probably forgot to attach the Digitizer ribbon. Or maybe it's attached just not in the whole way. Either that or it's a faulty LCD panel. I'd check the ribbon first though.

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