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Alcatel One Touch IDOL 3: How do I replace the digitizer?

Just dropped my fairly new Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 on the ground face first and cracked the top left corner of the screen. This in turn broke the digitizer. Wondering if anyone has any information on where to get a new digitizer and how to replace it. So far i've found absolutley nothing showing how to replace it.

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where did you get the digitizer?

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Where do you get w digitizer??


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warning my alcatel have broken the digitizer possible to open the back but he have clip all thee circle and glue on the back if you realase slowly because you have gps sensor in the up corner and the sensor is glu on the back cover

the batterie is cell with glue but i realase with plastic card (manufacture samsung)

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Replace my screen on my phone

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