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How can I adapt the rca cable terminal in a usb cable

I want to adapt my Marantz turntable in a USB turntable. How can I modifie The OUT cable with 2 old connectors in a USB or fire wire cable. If I can do this I think I'll be able to connect it to my Mac Book Pro with LogicPro X software or proTools. Is it possible. I know that USB turntables exist. But I already have an excellent turntable. Why increase planet electronic pollution


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mtrio, all you would really need is an RCA to USB adapter, something like this

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I'll get that cable. I understand that I'll need also 2 little female jacks to connect the cable coming out of my turntable and then connect to the USB cable male terminals.

I will try that and come back for the results.

Thank you


mtrio, there are adapters for male to female ends. that might work better than additional cables. Let us know how it works out.


It works very well. But I made some changes to the original question. Finally I simply plug directly my turntable cable IN my old pioneer pre amp at phono 1. Then I plug a RCA cable from pre amp OUT to my digidesign mBox (which is able to convert anagogic signal in numeric signal) IN line jacks (with trs 1/4 terminals.) I use software Digidesign proTool 10 for the stereo recording. When recording is finish. I can convert in any format available in my software like CD mp3 waves etc... Working only with a cable RCA to USB is not sufficient for a good recording quality.

Thanks and good luck everybody


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