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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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How can I fix it if it broken in half

When I found it it was half broken how will I fix it?

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You should see if you can find the original owner. Maybe they lost it. He/she where biking one day with it in their pocket and all the sudden he/she runs into a tree. The DS goes flying and he never new she lost it.


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If it is just the hinge that is broken (I'm assuming that's what you mean by 'broken in half'), then you will need to replace the center housing. It's a difficult process for a beginner, and can cause problems with the system if done incorrectly.

A video of the process:


Most steps in the process are here: Nintendo 3DS XL Touchscreen Replacement

In order to reattach the top screen, remove the shell of the top screen as shown in this guide: Nintendo 3DS XL Upper LCD Display Replacement

From there, follow the video I posted before.

Take care to not strip any screws or break any grey flaps connecting ribbon wires to the motherboard. I only say this because those were the two main issues I have had while repairing my system. I haven't been able to resolve the latter, and now my C-Pad is unresponsive, so learn from my mistakes.

If this feels above your current skill level, then I suggest finding an electronics repair center to fix it for you.

Good luck.

Nintendo 3DS XL Upper LCD Изображение


Nintendo 3DS XL Upper LCD Display Replacement


Очень сложно

45 minutes - 2 hours

Nintendo 3DS XL Touchscreen Изображение


Nintendo 3DS XL Touchscreen Replacement



1 - 3 hours

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what if the top screen stopped working entirely? because mine was dopped and the top screen just stopped working entirely.


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