13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Why dosen't my screen come on?

The computer comes on and dose every thing else normal but i get nothing from the screen. When I press the lighting buttons for the screen it dosen't even make the sounds. For some reason the computer got hott as $&*% eailer that day but worked perfectly when it cooled down. Then in the evening the screen went on strike. Any help or hints apprecated.

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First thing to do is hook up an external monitor and see if you have video. If you do your logic board is probably good. Where was the hot spot in the computer? Are the fans running?

Try the external monitor and let us know if it works and get back to us. Ralph

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+ good start


The fans are running fine. And it works perfectly on an external monitor. It's not detecting my internal monitor. When I turn the computer on not even the apple logo on the back lights up. Could I have fried the monitor? It hasn't got hot sicne the last time. And when I got it the hole thing was almost set a blaze.

Thank for ya help I really appreciate it.

Lata Tra


Since your external is working the problem is one of three things, the Display dat cable, the inverter board or the LCD.


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I've had exact the same problem...

iSight works fine, external monitor works fine, but internal monitor is not detected anymore.

What was your problem Tra and more important, what was the solution ?

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