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A prepaid Samsung Galaxy smartphone provided by Boost Mobile.

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directions for galaxy prevail lte replacement screen

I bought a replacement screen off of eBay for my Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE and i need help to put it on

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G-r-e-a-t!!!! App!!!!


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I was searching the internet looking for the same answer, and i found nothing. so i had no choice but to go blindly into the unknown.

First thing you want to do is turn off the phone, take off the battery cover and pop out the battery.

then look for the little sticker with the words "Do Not Remove", remove that $@$*. Using something small pry open the small panel the sticker was half on, inside you will find the touch screens connection to the meat of the phone, carefully remove it, and position it to slid out the hole behind it when you remove the screen.

Next flip the phone to the screen side (front of course) and hopefully using a tool for this purpose, gently pry in between the screen and the silver border lifting the screen out of the phone. this will very likely be a bit difficult, go slow and be gentle, be careful to not bend the screen to much.

With luck you have the screen out of the phone, flip it screen side down. on the top right corner you will find a strip from the glass portion of the screen connecting to the back into a small square and a smaller strip running down from it into a small port covered with clear tape, pull the tape off the strip side and pull out the strip, and pry the silver square off the back of the lcd, then you will need to pry the glass portion of the screen from the back lcd portion, be as gentle as you can with all of this. Be as careful as you can to keep the lcd screen clean and free of dust.

Provided you have not broken anything you will be ready to attach the screen. First , with you new screen in hand, attach the small strip into the port on the back of the lcd, there is a small white line to use as a guide, if the line on the strip is lined up to the white line on ether side, you did good, Try to put the clear tape back on. Place the silver square in the spot you yanked off the last one and hold it there, carefully place the lcd back in the depression in the phone without pulling out the connection in the back, double check to see if the lcd is clean and free of dust, now you can pull the film off the back of the glass screen and place it on the lcd in the phone, really make sure there is no dust or anything, apply gentle pressure until everything clicks back into the phone. Your screen might be slightly loose in spots once back in, i really dont know what can be done about this, just do your best.

If all went well, you can turn your phone back on and everything should work.

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Dude..you are totally off! The screen connection is not through that little door..I wish! It is on the other side..and right now I am stuck trying to figure out how to get at it!


The screen is through the door. You need to remove the digitizer as well as the screen to replace it. I had to replace both. Thank you for the tip Ralph


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Ralph you was so helpful. I'm so grateful that I found you. I was about to tear up the phone trying to change the screen and the digitizer. Lol

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