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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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iPhone 6 entered him water


Sorry for my English I am Spanish.

As stated by my title my iphone does not work well and acontinuacion explain what happened to me.

great to enjoy our quality iphone all submerged.

I was not more than 1min water.

Some water detected by the screen inside the case.

Proceeded to remove it quickly.

If you try to turn the terminal enters loop

It turns on and off and the display goes red and blue.

I think this damaged record something else inside.

Thank You

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DO NOT USE RICE! You are wasting your time if you use rice.

For a half decent and basic DIY fix, disassemble the phone, take the logic board out and clean it with 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush, clean up connectors on parts such as the screen and charging port etc. and clean up the logic board with it, you can then soak the logic board in a tub of isopropyl alcohol, then take it out and let it dry completely.

This is a basic DIY fix, but can help a lot with getting a phone to work.

Or you can take it to a repair shop that uses ultrasonic cleaning to efficiently clean up the board etc. :-)

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very sound advice but he mentioned that he tried to turn it on before it was dried out and from my experience this phone is likely toast


You'd actually be surprised Jimfixer, sometimes turning it on can cause damage yes, but I've had many customers who have done this and I have still helped them out. :-)


I agree with Ged. It's worth a try as you may get lucky and maybe just have a cable that has a short in it but the motherboard is undamaged. I have seen this numerous times when people have tried powering on a water damaged phone. I've seen this on HTC ones often. Not sure if it happens often on iPhones though. Sometimes you can save them sometimes not but it never hurts to try cleaning with isopropyl alcohol as it so cheap and easy to find and does a pretty good job. Ultrasonic cleaning I recommend as well if you can afford it, and if the phone has had significant water exposure. New battery I also recommend. Good luck on the repair.


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Have you tried doing a full teardown of the phone and thoroughly drying each piece in rice? If not do that first. Then, normally the first part to break from water damage is the battery, so you can try replacing that, and if that doesn't work the Lightning Connector Assembly is also commonly broke because of water damage. And if both those don't fix it then it's your logic board most likely.

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Try using rice


Rice may help dry it out a little quicker but that is all it will do. It does not help remove corrosive minerals left behind by water when it dries, which is why it is pretty much useless in the long run. Isopropyl alcohol and especially ultra sonic cleaning does help displace these minerals which helps keep corrosion from growing and damaged components in the phone. Skip the rice if you want to truly save a phone. Save the rice and eat it for dinner after you clean the phone properly.


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Alcohol cleaning on the motherboard will MAYBE solve the issue by cleaning out the corrosion areas on the motherboard, Although some times the water may go under the plates , Which then you have to take off the protective plates and clean that also.

Further down the track alcohol will dry out the motherboard and will cause additional problems such as Rust, Unless the actual component that has been water damaged is replaced.

For a device like the IPhone 6 IF you do have your warranty with apple I suggest take it there better as the will be replaced for $$$.

Also if you change parts or anything by entering the phone will void your warranty.

Goodluck :)

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