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An economy SUV by Mazda, not the greatest sport utility vehicle in the world, just a Tribute. Made in the USA by Ford Motor Company. Simply a rebadged Ford Escape.

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Mazda Tribute unexpectedly shut off

2001 Mazda Tribute while pulling into the parking lot my car unexpectedly shut off but it will still start concern why did it shut off unexpectedly

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Without actually seeing the car its hard to say with any certainty but here are a few things you can look at . The fuel filter may be getting plugged and with a sudden drop in rpm it starved the engine for fuel and stalled . There could be an electrical short at work that a bump or bounce like entering a parking lot could trigger. Transmission may not have geared down and stalled out . Did you get a engine light after the event?

if so having the code read could be helpful . hope you find this helpful

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