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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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Touch ID not working but home button working.

I repaired 2 different iphone 6 plus, Both had no problems with the repair everything works BUT the Touch ID. i did not rip anything and i done literally hundreds of these. BUT this past month 2 of the phones i worked on, the touch ID no longer works after. Much like if a wifi cable is ripped, the wifi option would be grayed out. that is the exact problem i am having with The touch ID, the option becomes gray, when i try to add a touch id it says that it failed almost instantly. I have tried a factory reset and restore, i also know a new cable will not solve it due to the fact that the home button is married to the board. I heard that apple can also reprogram it for you but i don't want to take that step. Is anyone else having this problem and know the solution to it?

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Have you checked the connector on the home button and made sure it is not damaged?


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Are you sure you didn't lacerate the ribbon cable? All it takes is one tick on the edge and it needs replacing.

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I'd be interested to see how you remove flex connectors. I've seen before people going about it in one of several ways that is known to damage connectors or flexes and not have trouble for a long long time then have devices or components mysteriously die as a result.

I'd double check your connections to be sure they are solid and not half connected. Make sure they click in the whole way. You can replace the flex that runs behind the steel plate without messing up the touch id. I'd try that then if it still isn't working and you've exhausted your other resources I'd do what nobody likes doing. Take it to apple. Put the damaged display back on it, clean it up such that it looks like nobody has been in it before and go pay Apple for a screen replacement. They can re-pair a home button and do when they do screen replacements.

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