How do I open it and replace the Lcd display screen?

I was traveling home in my team's bus when I had my tablet in my backpack. One of my teammates put my back on the ground under their stuff and then proceeded to lay on their stuff. When I finally got home and opened my tablet to use it I found that it had a big portion of the screen not working correctly I could that about 2/3 of the screen was working correctly but the other third was white with a bunch of lines running horizontally across it (the lines were the colors of the rainbow). While thinking about what to do about the I ended dropping my tablet and then the other 2/3 of the tablet has started to do what the other 1/3 just started. From seeing alot of youtube I belive I need to replace the Lcd display screen in the tablet not the actual glass screen you touch. If anyone could help me fix this I would appreciate it. Everything else works fine on my tablet I believe and I am not completley sure this is exactly what I need to be fixing so if your experienced and think/know it is something else feel free to tell me.

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