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The Asus K53E-MT1 is a 15.6-inch Windows 7 laptop with aluminum surfaces and IceCool technology.

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I cannot get connection to Asus Laptop model K53E from power cord.

We started having intermittent difficulty powering up the pc at first. Best Buy suggested replacing the power cord. The problem continued with greater frequency to the point that we put pc on a shelf and bought iPads. It has been quite a while but I would like to know if it is worth having the pic fixed, or recycle it and buy a rebuilt one.

This pc has not been damaged or abused in any way.

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Is there movement in the power port . Is it loose or does it move into the computer when you plug it in ? Can you wiggle the cord and get signs of it powering up ? The fix for a new power outlet depends on if the case is broke around it , if its a replaceable unit or if its one that needs to be soldered to the motherboard . If your handy you can tear the laptop apart and have a look . The worst that can happen at this point is you cant get it back together and its junk . Then you recycle it and by new ,who knows maybe you'll find your inner geek and fix it and save yourself some money. There's a partial tear down guide here on ifixit

Asus K53E-MT1 Motherboard Replacement

hope this helps

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Looking at the guide I'd say your power port is on the left side of the pc about half way up next to Ethernet port its soldered on to the mother board . Very cheap part hard fix if your not skilled in the ways of the soldering iron. It may just need a touch of heat to reflow a cracked solder


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Have you replaced the power cord? Wasn't sure by what you posted. the cables do go bad alot.

Now if that doesnt fix it then the ac port or battery might be bad inside the laptop. Easy fixes should be real cheap in a repair depot.

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