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The Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US laptop features an 11.6" screen and a 16 GB SSD hard drive. This small notebook computer allows for easy access to the Internet and can run various web apps.

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My screen goes blank when I open it pass 45 degrees

As question title says, my screen goes blank when I open it pass 45 degrees.

If I open it to 90 degrees (which I consider a normal viewing angle & will look like an "L" is looked at the side) the screen will be blank.

However I can still type on it (when it is blank) and when I return to 45 degrees the writing will be there*.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Also, my Chromebook is passed warranty. :-(

* I wrote most of this sentence when the screen was blank. When I returned to 45 degrees, I saw my mistakes and corrected them. :-)

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Most likely the LCD cable is not connected fully to the back of the LCD, Remove the LCD and reconnect the LCD Cable and secure it with ESD tape. Should fix this issue.

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I have seen this problem many times and the cause is usually a bad connection between the screen, and the motherboard. If you pry the plastic band around the screen off carefully (I recommend starting from the bottom middle where you can see the SAMSUNG logo), you can see the connections on the bottom left hand side of the screen. You can inspect for any obvious problems. When you are done the plactic that goes around the screen will snap back into place when you apply pressure all around it.

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