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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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blue screen and reboots on ipad air

Hi, a few months I've experimented this situation. A couple reboots while using and turned off while the iPad was not in use (By the way I had to press both buttons to turn on ever since).

Sometimes when I used several apps the screen turns out blue and reboots automatically. When I was aware of that I was decided to restore it but then the iPad never turn on.

The iPad Air was bought last year (May 2014), was always cared like a baby with protectors, cases, sleeves and all of it. No water damage, scratch or dents at all.

What can I do? I know iPad Airs cannot be repaired due the glue between all over the pieces. But I wanna know how I can get a exchage from Apple?


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Theoretically, the iPad Air can be repaired. Blue screen could be due to charging IC problem, or a number of other issues.

Were you always using ONLY the original charger that came with it?

Was it ever subject to a liquid spill?

Either way, you can have it replaced at the Apple Store, out of warranty. They make you pay an amount of money for out-of-warranty repair ($299 + tax in the USA), and replace it altogether for you with the same model/capacity.

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Yes, I've only use the original charger and adapter that came with it. And there wasn't a single liquid spill.

I'm willing to pay that amount, where I proceed with it? I'm not in the US


An Apple Store if there is one in your country.

If not, may be there is an Apple Certified Service Provider near you.

Go to this page and input your location. You should find one this way.


Thank you so much!!


LTE Elite Mobile phone gets blue screen shuts off have to reboot it to solve the problem anyone else with this problem help would be much appreciated thank you


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