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Released in the early 2010s, the Asus K43SA is a 14-inch laptop with a 2nd-generation Intel Core processor and an AMD Radeon graphics card.

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My asus laptop can't connect to our wifi

i have had a problem that has been popping up with my asus laptop ALOT. sometimes it can't connect to our wifi and i have to run an ethernet cable to it [it CAN connect throught an ethernet cable when it can't connect to the wifi] just so i can get online. i have already tried uninstalling the adapter in device manager, but it does not even show up in there. this only happens once in awhile and stays that way for about a week or two. i really need help on this,

p.s. i don't KNOW if my asus laptop is a Asus K43SA, but i hope most asus laptops work similar. but it looked the closest to mine.

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There are a few steps you can take:

1) TCP/IP reset, see here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/reset-tcp-...

2) In case nr. 1 doesn't solve your problem: reinstall Windows

3) if a clean install doesn't solve the problem, you have malfunctioning hardware. In that case: replace wifi card (should be cheap and easy).

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Generally, people are suffering from the wireless problem on the asus computer due to the windows settings or driver issue. Here is the solution to fix such kind of problem.

  • Let’s restart your computer and turn on the wifi from the windows settings manually.
  • Let’s ensure that you have enabled the wireless adapters on your pc, if it is not enabled, you need to go ahead and enable them by visiting the networking sharing center.
  • Sometimes, you may deal with the wireless problem due to the driver issue, so you should update the wireless driver on your pc, you can update automatically by connecting to the LAN cable or download the driver and update it manually.
  • Apart from this, you should also update the sound driver on your pc. you should uninstall the sound driver from your pc and reinstall the new driver.
  • If you are still dealing with the asus laptop wifi not working problem, you should factory reset the pc to the back date.

So these are the techniques to troubleshoot the wifi problem on windows pc, if you are still dealing with any other error, let us know, we will assist you in fixing the problem.

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