Could use advice with some water damage issues, screen and power

I've been scouring the internet for answers and think I have my problems solved, but could use proper final advice before buying parts. (I probably should have came here first)

I water damaged the bottom hinge of my MB while it was in a bag with an iron. (stupid I know) She works currently as a desktop though. In fact everything checks-out except the power adapter does not light or charge the MB, and the screen does not function at all.

After much research I've made the conclusion that the LVD cable should be replaced to fix the screen. The isight still works, so I'm assuming power is fine and its just the data cable. (Tthe whole book was working fine until I noticed the screen flickering, then died, THEN I noticed the water damage.)

As for power, I'm thinking replacing the DC in board will fix that. The battery is still recognized and runs, as does the power adapter (just without lights), but when I plug it in, the MB points out the 'battery is not charging'.

I've been unable to reset the smc, probably due to the adapter not being 'fully' recognized, and I've been unable to run the AHT, due to no screen to see.

Am I on the right track? Should I still go out to an Apple store?

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