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The Asus X53E is more or less an Asus K53E without dedicated graphics. The specs on this laptop are very similar other then the removal of the nVidia graphics.

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How to replace the fan inside the laptop

the fan in my asus x53e laptop has stopped working awhile ago. ive noticed it near the the end of the semester where the left side of my laptop became really hot and then checked to see if there was air flow on the side. it still boots up and works on different battery options but im scared that putting it on high performance will do permanent damage. is there a guide to replace the fan

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Your first mistake was using a laptop with a fan failure. Until you replace the fan, STOP using the laptop. You're going to find yourself with more problems then it already has if you keep using it.

You're going to need to tear the whole laptop down, following this guide on the procedure.

The fan can be found here, and many other places who sell it. If you do not like this vendor for the fan, the part number is ksb06105hb. You will find metal and plastic versions, but you really want the metal version for this laptop, due to the weak cooling system that seems to do better at trapping heat instead of getting rid of it.

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The guide that you link to shows as "Forbidden Access".


It just now showed "Forbidden Access" for me too.


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