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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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iPad Mini broken battery?

I was working on an iPad mini, a simple digitizer replacement. In trying to remove remnants of glass (the screen was in pieces) I accidentally punctured the battery. A strange smell came from the battery, so I put it in a Ziplock. I've already called Poison Control and I'm fine, but now the battery is totaled. I do have another iPad backing, but the logic board is iCloud locked. The battery in there is fine though. My question is, is there a way to fix it without buying a new battery, and if not, could I take out the logic board and transplant it into my other iPad?


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As long as the iPad's are the same model, you can transfer the logic board and it will work fine.

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I know, but the charge port is connected to the logic board with what looks like a circuit connected to a piece of electrical tape in the iPad mini- do I have to take it out too, or can I just take it off the board?


You shouldn't have un-accepted his answer. But to answer your other question, the charge port is soldered on to the motherboard. You will just move it over with the motherboard.


Sorry! I'm new here.


Okay. So I can just unscrew the charge port and move the whole assembly?


Yes, you can unscrew the charge port, carefully peel it up from the back housing and remove it along with the logic board.

Ifixit has logic board replacement guides for the iPad mini, which will go through the complete process of removal. This guide is for the iPad mini 1st gen wifi iPad Mini Wi-Fi Logic Board Replacement

If you have a different generation or version, they have hose available too.


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