My click wheel is broken! how can I fix it?

Hy! my ipod is click wheel is also dead. i think i have my ipod frozen .how can i fix it? when i plugged it in does open...but then the click wheel doesn't work .it works just the hold button, to hold it or unblock the ipod. please help me.thank you all very much.

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does the hard reset work?

press and hold the menu and the select button until the ipod restarts - this should take around 6-10 seconds.

i kow that sounds stupid - but many faulty ipod click wheels are still able to reset the ipod.

but to be honest, i had a few ipods with this issue - if they were able to reset - the ipod was faulty -and if they didn't do the reset - most likely the click wheel was faulty and needed to be replaced.

so, if the reset works - it's not a click wheel issue - if not - it is! (most likely - that depends on a few other things - like droppings, fluid damages and so on)

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my ipod has had the same problem, the whell does not sense my fingers, it will resat but thats all it will do, it all started happening when i put my ipod on my logitech speakers, the ipod only works when its on the speakers with the remote.

If anyone has had the same problem and knows how to fix it please help me!!!!!


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