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Xbox One Kinect. Included with the Xbox One. It has successfully sold over 23 million units around the world.

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Internal fuse on mother board

Hi I've stripped down my Xbox one kinect 2.0 as it had stopped working an I discovered that the fuse had blown an me being me thinking it would be easy to find a replacement for it just got down to repairing it an didn't take any pictures lol so I was wondering if you had any pictures an know the size an voltage plz as I've found a company who might have them an for the life of me can't remember these thanks oh an its the internal fuse on the mother board thanks

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i did see somehwere a person posted that it is a setfuse x1 fuse that has 3A 250vac 60vdc rating,

if you do manage to fix it can you send me how you did it, i will be striping my kinect down once i find a fix online.

or if not i may go for broke and just bypass the fuse maybe


Hi I've bypassed mine an works fine but I'd rather have a fuse just in case as I wouldn't leave it on all the time I think I've found a supplier but I've gotta give him the voltage an stuff to find out it's the right one I'll get back to you if I find the right one an many thanks for the info


Hi All, it will be more convenient to chat here.

I am Leo from SETfuse. I think the oppsite side of the thermal fuse has printed the temperatrue. Because all our fuse has its rated function temp.

Only with this temperature and rated current, we could help you.

Could anyone take a look at the fuse?


Hey Leo, From your website

X1 102 98 ± 2 79 250AC Zuo Zuo Zuo Zuo Zuo TOWER € Zuo Si

I found an alternative fuse that is easier to source here in the states, it is a little higher current, but if people are willing to bypass this will still give some protection.



Any updates on this? Did the alternative fuse work? Did we clearly identify the original fuse?


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Thermal fuse on eBay 3a

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Tried the fuse above, doesnt work.

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Quick and easyish guide.

Disconnect the kinect from the Xbox.

Do a hard reset of the box and plug in the money. If the kinect comes on for a bit and then shuts off without the fan starting then this will probably work.

Follow ifixits teardown guide. Ignore the part where they say remove the cord first. Nearly impossible to unplug it first. Once the fan assembly is undone it will come out like any usb3 cable.

Remove the fan and look up how to make a computer chassis fan into a USB fan. Take the wires from the fan cut off the end of USB and solder them together. Then just plug that into a USB charger.

The fan will continuously but doubt it's pulling a lot of energy and you can always unplug it when you need too.

Edit: I should note that I'm using the original fan.

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I have found a fuse, but you have to solder it in. Since the old fuse is plug in you can cut the wires and solder or just solder directly to the pins/board.

For sell on eBay listing# 291848948937

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