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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Stripped screws thread, now what?

A couple of 6.3 mm black screws holding on the lower section of the bottom part of my 3DS have stripped threads. How can I remove them ?

The only ways I know to remove stripped thread screws is with a drill. I don't have one.

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Stripped threads or head?


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Find an small old screw driver that fits the spot and use crazy glue to join them be careful to only use a small amount and not to get the glue over the case and glue everything shut if your patient this has worked for me. Or if you have access to a dremil tool cut a slot in the screw head and use a flat head screw driver to remove it

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I had this problem with 1 screw and ended up using a small rounded file to wear away at the head of the screw until there was so little left that I could pop it open. Problem with this is the remainder of the screw is stuck in the other half. Was manageable for me as the case could still be closed with 1 screw missing.

You'll have to get someone with a extremely fine drill to drill into the screws in an anticlockwise direction so that it has the potential to unscrew it while drilling.

Honestly if you have a few threaded you'll need a replacement casing as well once you get it open.

If it was me i'd sell it for spares parts on eBay as it's not really worth the repair investment.

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