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Repair information for the 4th generation iPad. Released November 2, 2012. Model numbers: A1458, A1459, and A1460.

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Backlight only works on left side of screen

I bought a New iPad 4 LCD (IF116-022-1) and the backlight on the right hand side of the screen didn't work after reassembling the tablet. Is this an issue on the logic board or a problem with the 'new' replacement screen I received from IFIXIT?

I didn't attach the digitizer to the case and I left the protector on the replacement LCD in case there were issues during testing. This isn't the first 'new' part I've received that didn't work out of the box, but it is the first issue I've had with a part from IFIXIT.

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Generally when there is a logic board issue with the backlight, it seems to affect the whole thing. I've never seen a blown backlight filter or anything like cause only half the backlight to work. Assuming everything is connected properly, I would say that LCD is most likely defective. Try a new one

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The problem is caused by a defect part on the logic board. It's mostly caused by unplugging your LCD while the iPad is still powered on.

You could try a new LCD screen, but in 90% of all cases I've seen it's a problem located on the logic board. (resource : new employees in our shop did cause this problem a few times)

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You can check out this video to see how the backlight circuit works on the ipad 4 tablet and how to troubleshoot and replace the blown filter.iPad 4 half fading Backlight after LCD replacement repair video

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