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cannot clear my Google History,

I go through Safari to access Google. I sign into Google. click Settings at the bottom of the Google homepage screen, then click History. My search History going back to 2013 is displayed and beside each website searched, a tick box is next to it. I have ticked the box, but there is no "DELETE" button to be found, top/bottom,or side of the screen. I have also gone to my Iphone4 Settings, then clicked "Safari " and pushed onto "clear history" then " Clear Cookies and Data", my Google history is still there. Called Apple they said since I went through Safari to access their App, they could not help. Any suggestions.

I also have gone to "clear" History on my Bookmarks page, no luck.

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Have you tried logging into google on a PC and clearing it from there? It sounds like it may be stored in your google account history and not your phone. You should be able to do it from either place but sometimes it is easier on a full version of the webpage.

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Thank you Kyle for responding so quickly. The only access I have to a PC is at work so I cannot go that route. Removing the History is not urgent, I just got frustrated at something that should have been so simple, has actually turned into be anything but.

I have made long distance phone calls,(Google in the Philippines'), co-workers trying to figure the problem out, going to the store where I purchased the phone, etc etc. Your answer is "helpful" and I do appreciate you taking the time to respond to me. Thank you,


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