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A 15.5 inch convertible, touch-screen laptop by Sony.

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My laptop touchpad multi-finger doesn't work.

Hi there. it's a couple of weeks that my vaio touchpad (Flip model) multi finger is not working. I tried to update the driver, but it doesn't work yet. Actually, i can't see any option for multi finer now. Is there any solution for that? When i connect a wireless keyboard (which has a touchpad), the multi finer function of keyboard's touchpad works properly.

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More info is needed to accurately answer this question, like did you upgrade the OS to 10 or remove any software but to start, I would uninstall and delete if option applies, any and all HID Touch & Sensory drivers from the system and reboot. Also, check the Sony site for driver checks and support solutions. If all else fails, do a system reset, with Windows 8 recovery media or on Windows 10 using the Recovery, Reset Settings, removing all data "as if to recycle the device".

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