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Шестое поколение iPhone компании Apple, представленное 12 сентября 2012 года. Ремонт данного устройства схож с предыдущими моделями, требующий отвертки и инструменты для вскрытия. Доступен в версиях GSM или CDMA; с 16, 32 или 64 ГБ памяти; в Черном или Белом цвете.

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My iPhone will not turn on after several hours of charging. HELP?

Alright so my phone has always had a battery problem. By that I mean my battery would be randomly low. For instance, I could charge it for an hour and it'll be 100% and as soon as I take it off the charger it would be on 70%.

In the past when my phone has died completely, it would take an hour or more for the phone to come back on after being on the charger.

Yesterday, my phone was freezing up so I willingly turned it off at 50%. I let it sit for about 10 minutes before turning it back on. When I went to turn it back on, it showed the low battery symbol. So I plugged it up to the charger and let it charge for at least 2 hours. But it still wouldnt come on. I tried pressing the home and power button at the same time but when I do, it shows the low battery symbol. So I gave up and let my phone charge overnight, hoping it would turn on at some point. My phone had been on the charging at this point for about 8 or 9 hours and it still wont turn on. What do I do???

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YOUR A LEGEND OMG BLESS YOUR SOUL YOUR A GIFT FROM GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH. for those who are wondering heat up the back of the phone with the blow dryer for about a minute while the phone is still charging


no because you are a gift from heaven!!!!!!!!!!!! i made a Account just to tell you that your are the boom diggity !!!!!!!


Wow its kind of sound crazy at first but the iron technic actually worked for me




i used a hair dryer after five hours of being on the charger and i really works!!!! Thank you so very much


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When plugged in, do you get the battery symbol come up on your phone?

iPhone 5 has known battery issues. If the phone registers the cable, I would look to replace the battery (genuine Apple replacement only) AND then also restore the iphone via iTunes, and set it up as a new iphone

If it doesn't register the cable being plugged in, try other cables / charging plugs, then look to replace the charging port.

You can get more help at the iPhone Won’t Turn On wiki. Good luck!

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Yes the battery symbol does come up when charging and the symbol that shows it needs to charge comes up when I unplug the charger.


This is very good. The charging port, charger and cable should all be fine. A genuine new battery, And an iTunes restore should have you back up and running


No it doesnt come up


Like others, I created an account here to say IT WORKS!!!! Basically it needs a little juice to get things going, Heat creates resistance. Resistance and current increase voltage. You need voltage to turn the %#*@ thing on.

Before step 1:

Use a toothpick to gently remove debris. I got an insane amount of lint out. Then used compressed air


1. Unplug your iphone completely and remove cover.

2. Put the screen side down on the floor.

4. Use a hair dryer on high setting for about 30-60 seconds. It will get very hot. I held mine about 3-5 inches away because I seriously thought I was going to blow the whole thing up if I got too close, or burned myself if I accidentally touched it.

5. Whilst hot, put the charger pin back into the port and wait.

Almost everyone here says the apple or battery logo came back on instantly.

Mine DID NOT. It took 30 minutes before it came on.

So yes, it works.


omg it works, i was skeptical but it worked


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Heat it up with a hairdryer, it will work

Update (08/25/2017)

--To prevent confusion, this is a reminder that this update was by another person.--

I honestly don't know why this would work, but being that it has helped people, I want to remind everybody: DO NOT HEAT YOUR BATTERY DIRECTLY! This is extremely dangerous. Maybe @philipengel could elaborate more on what he heated and for how long? :)

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amazing thanks mate, was dead for three days your a genius


you are probably the most smartest person thanks alot


The blow dryer worked like a charm on my daughter's iPhone 6s.

You certainly are a bloody genius!


I honestly can't believe this worked ! Such a good thing to know !

Thak you !


bless your heart.


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In this situation it is always hard to judge exactly where the problem lies. To me, this sounds like a battery failure. You can buy the battery here:

iPhone 5 Battery

And the guide to fix it can be found here:

Замена батареи iPhone 5

Hope this helps! And good luck, happy repairs to you :)

iPhone 5 Battery Изображение


iPhone 5 Battery


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I was worried because my phone would not come back on after several hours. I heated the back with a blow dryer for 30 seconds. OMG it works!!!! I also made an account just to comment on this. I can't believe it works, but that is amazing and such a relief. It immediately came back on as soon as I plugged it back in.


this works unreal! xat here for 3 hours.. held it by my heater vent for 30 secs.. booted right up lol


Wow!!! It really worked…Thanks 😊


I picked mine by the road side, I don't know the owner. It's off now, how can I start it in order to use it?


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The hairdryer will help for a short peroid of time, to resolve it permanently we need to work a little while longer :)

How to repair not charging or quckly discharging battery issue in an iPhone 5s

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iPhone 6s NEW battery would not charge beyond 7% and 'battery health' reads 'Service'.

Left phone in hot care for several hours and battery now charges normally and health shows 100%.

I have a new replacement battery on order just in case.


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It is seems that your power supply circuits are fine that means your battery and battery connector are working fine. Battery symbol shown on screen. So display assembly are also fine. Now your iphone wont turn on or not booting up is your problem.

Have you connected to itunes does it recognize by itunes. try to force restart your iphone. or try to enter in dfu mode.

But first i want to know that your iphone is recognize by itunes or computer or not. If it is not find by computer than some basic hardware failure is there or may be os corrupted.

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this happened to my phone a few days ago and i did the hairdryer trick and it worked but my phone stopped working again today and so i tried the trick again and it doesn't seem to be working so what i suggest is using the hairdryer trick as a semi permanent solution but my phone is already really broken so that should last you a while and if it happens again try the hairdryer trick and if it doesn't work i suggest getting a new battery for it

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