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10.1" tablet computer released in December 2011. Quad-core processor, wifi, GPS, and docking keyboard.

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Asus Transformer Prime Camera screen comes up green

Picked it up one day and the camera screen is green w/blk streaks running across.

Someone told me to change my settings and physically squeeze the camera lenses under my thumb for 5 seconds, it came on correctly for two seconds and then gone again. Wassup?

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This is such a common issue with the TF201 and I would categorize it as a design flaw. Changing software settings won't make a difference as this is not a software issue. Rather, it is a hardware issue. Bad cable connectivity is usually to blame, which is why pinching near the camera's location works to temporarily restore the connection (although sometimes, the camera is broken as well). There is an iFixit guide for taking apart the TF201 with an emphasis on camera replacement - although again, you probably don't necessarily need to replace the camera - it may be enough just to disconnect and reseat/reconnect the necessary cables and connectors. YMMV

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