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power button wont work, stays on

not sure if it is a 2nd or 3rd gen. 16gb. model mb531ll.

everything works but the power button. it will charge and play everything but stays on until the battery dies.

any suggestions?

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it's a second generation ipod touch

if the power button fails, it's in most cases a fluid damage or a worn out switch.

Block Image

you can use the Power-Volume-Controls-Replacement guide to get to the ribbon cable.

check the actual switch if it look's corroded (white/greenish) or i any way damaged. those switches are simply thin metal plates, secured by a plastic strip/scotch tape..

if you find some corrosion (check the connector of the cable too) - clean it with isopropyl alcohol (>90%) - if the metal inside the switch is black, use a needle to "scratch" it carefully of the metal - don't bent the thin metal to much

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thanks for the info. I looked under "parts" and it doesnt show a power/volume control. Any idea where I'd get one?


i buy those things on ebay - here is a search for that part on ebay.com: CLICK


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Here it is !

iPod Touch 2nd Gen Power and Volume Button


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