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Blank Screen with folder icon, won't boot with keybord commans

I recently bought a MacBook pro off of Craigslist and I got the laptop, it booted up fine i was able to use it for about 5 hours no problems set up my apple ID and everything. Then I didn't touch it for 2-3 hours and when I went to turn it on the chime sounds, the Apple logo does not appear but after 30 seconds to a minute a flashing folder with a question mark appears. I have tried booting into recovery mode, reseting PRAM and SMC, and holding down X or C and the only thing that did something is when I held down the option key a pointer appears but nothing after that. I have a 60Gb SSD set up as the boot drive running 10.10 then I have a 500Gb secondary drive.

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I guess it's possible your hard drive either got wiped or has failed. Which is uncommon on SSD drives. On that model, the cable that connects the hard drive to the logic board is famous for failing. I have replaced several. It's a lot cheaper to start there than replacing the hard drive.

The "?" folder means there's no OS installed or no hard drive. If the ribbon has went bad, you will get that. I guess it's also possible the cable came disconnected from the logic board, could check that as well.

Also you could take the 500GB drive out and put the SSD in there and see if you can get it to boot that way. If you do, then it's definitely the hard drive cable.

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Brandon is correct about the HD/IR cable and it's the first thing to replace. Get a 20012 cable and only a new one.

Which positions are the drives located? Remove the second drive which trying to diagnose issues. How was the SSD formatted? What make and model number is it? What happens when you attempt booting into recovery mode? What was the configuration when you bought the machine?

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One other troubleshooting step you could try is to swap the location of your SSD and HDD to determine if one of the SATA connections is failing. You could also purchase a very inexpensive external SATA enclosure; such as this one:


You could then:

> Pop your SSD boot drive into the enclosure

> Plug the USB cable from the enclosure into your Mac

> Power on your Mac holding down the Option key

If you can then see your SSD as a drive available to boot to, you'll then know that the SATA cable or SATA connection on the logic board is faulty or poorly seated. Much more likely to be the cable than the connection on the board.

Best of luck!


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