How to disable the touch screen functionality in an Asus TF300T Tablet

I have a cracked screen and the tablet doesn't react to touch any more. I believe it's fully functional otherwise so I bought a docking station in order to make the best of the mini HDMI port and connect my tablet to the TV permanently and control it via a USB mouse.

However, I was disappointed to find out that although I can see the mouse cursor, after connecting the mouse, I am unable to click anything because the tablets touch sensor seems to be completely out of whack. Once, the on-screen keyboard activated by itself somehow, and I saw that the touch sensor is 'clicking' randomly on many spots of the screen at once and it's impossible to do anything with the mouse.

I saw a video on Youtube of a guy disabling just the touch screen functionality on his Nexus 7 by disconnecting one small cable once he had opened the tablet.

Is such a thing possible in the TF300T ? I am sitting right now, with an opened tabled and watching Youtube videos with disassembly instructions, but I cannot find this one thing that would help me because they concentrate on either replacing the whole screen or on complete disassembly.

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