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Charger wasnt chg'g #2 of the 5 pins is pushed in. Fixable?

#2 gold pin is pushed in. Can it be pulled back out? Mac isn't charging. I'm assuming this is the problem.

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Unplug the Mag-Safe adapter then use a wooden tooth pick to push the pins in and see if you can get it to release. The # 2 & 4 pins are the pins voltage is carried through. Heres the pin out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MagSafe

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I'm pretty confident that's why it's not charging too. It's easier to just replace the DC-IN board on that model. It's about $15 on eBay for the part and the guide is of course on here. I have attempted to pull pins out, never had any success personally.

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The issue is with the Mag-Safe adapter, not the DC in board.


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