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Second generation (E30) BMW 3 Series and the final 3 Series to sport the boxy '80s styling similar to the E32 7 Series and E34 5 Series.

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Why has the Mileage stop working on 1978 bmw E30 325i

good day,

i have a 325i 2door automatic and in this week my mileage reading just stoped working. is there a cable i need to check as i don't see anything going to the front wheels like other cars have.

awaitng your reply.


Jason Human

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jason, BMW did not introduce the E30 until 1982, Can you let us know which BMW model you have?


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the odometer gears become soft over time and break, the parts needed to replace them are available on gargastic's webpade for 30 bucks. I just replaced mine yesterday

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