I think I may have broken myPower button

Hi, I have a friends laptop that has been damaged due to someone trying to open it at the wrong end lol. (from the back) I dont know whats happened but in the top left corner where the charge port is, the seal has split and he has managed to rip open a hole the corner of the laptops housing. The plastic threads where the screws go for the metal hinge in that corner have completely snapped off leaving that corner of the housing permanently damaged. I did managed to replace the charge port that got snapped from its cable, then I plugged in the charger and the laptop came on which was a success! ...

But unfortunately the power button is located in the same place where the charge port had broken and there was only one screw which supported it which I found to be very lose after the first couple of tries turning it on and off.

The power was still clicking but after I turned it off it completely fell through its socket so I had to disassemble it and tighten the power button with that screw again.

it was not perfectly secure, but it still clicked and made a connection, my problem was it wouldnt work after the reassemble because it kept falling back down its hole. So I applied a bit of super glue to try and secure it even more but now it wont work at all.

I did spill some of the glue onto those circular resistor looking things and was wondering if I have managed to break it and disrupt a connection caused by me spilling glue all over it becuase it was working before hand... ?

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