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AirPort Modul is not there


My display was broken and so i bought a used one of the same Model at eBay. The only different was that my display was glossy and the other one was anti- glare.

Everything is Fine but the is a cable to much... I only have one on the left and one in the right site...the new one has althogh this two cables but the left one splits into two cables. In your guide i see that the small Cable on the left Site connects the AirPort Modul, but there is no Modul in my MacBook pro. Is there a diffent Model for different countrys? Because i am in Germany and bought my MacBook here and i do Not know where the Display is from...

Please help me!



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We have two contributors in Berlin if you are in that area.


Hi, A couple of questions come to mind. Do you have wireless capability with your computer and if so is it still working? If not and its not important to you I would just secure the extra connection and forget about it. If you do want wireless and don't have it I would check to see if I could install it and hook up to the antenna.

It sounds as though your computer is functioning properly--you just have an extra cable. To answer your last question I don't think Apple makes special models by country but there are differences between models. Good luck Ralph


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On your model, the glossy screen holds the airport card under the clutch barrel. But the anti-glare does not. If you got the anti-glare from the factory, there is an additional bracket that sits on top of the optical drive, where the airport card is held.

You would need that bracket, and an additional cable to connect the airport card.

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my Macbook Pro had wireless capability before i changed the display. Now it is not working and that is my problem. I am a little bit confused. I have a Macbook Pro 15" Unibody 2.53Ghz Mid 2009 and if i look in the Guide here, there should be a airport card on my superdrive in the left corner. I also looked in some guides of the Macbook Pro 15" Unibody 2.66Ghz Mid 2009 and there isn't the airport card on the superdrive like it is in my Macbook.

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Hi Frank,

The Airport card on the computer is very small and it sits basically underneath the words "MacBook Pro" on your LCD screen. I think the cable you are describing is the i-sight cable (powerbook medic sells them - US29 per cable) - it splits into two - one end plugs into the airport extreme card and the other end which disappears into the screen frame is for the bluetooth (so I have been lead to believe).

I just replaced my LCD and am having the same problem as you. I bought a replacement isight cable (powerbook medic) and a replacement airport extreme card (from ionnoi digital - US$50) I think it might be some sort of cable problem which is affecting the Wifi. If you are keen you can remove the screen, take away the black hinge cover, rebuild it and then play with the cable connection once it's been rebuilt. If you move the cable around, you might get some sort of intermittent reception.

I'll post some results when I get the new parts and the machine rebuilt.




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well,I think it is a unique case for MB986(A1286), since the airport card for mb986 is in the bottom black part of screen, and there is a long black piece of board in there which is the airport card you are looking for.

I'm looking a better card too, but it seems really hard to find a replaceable card.

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I'm sure this is resolved already but for all future dyi persons... I repair apple computers for a living. Rob is correct. The anti glare version (silver around the LCD) has the wifi/Bluetooth on the supper drive in outer and the glossy version (black around the LCD with glass protecting the LCD) have the wifi/Bluetooth in the black clutch protective area under the words "MacBook Pro". If you have any questions or need help feel free to email us at Mac.is.us@gmail.com.

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