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A block of fine black lines has appeared around my mouse pointer.

My mouse pointer has suddenly grown a block of fine black lines about 5/8" deep x 3/8"wide. It has also stopped working. It moves around the screen, but won't activate anything I click on. Re-seated the memory chips, zapped PRAM NVRAM & SMC, did a complete re-install after zero-ing out the hard drive. Still happens.

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Do you have access to an external monitor? If you do see if the problem show up with it.

Many in this series had issues with the GPU chip. NVIDEA had a bad run of GPU's and Apple had a recall on them. But that recall has expired.

At this point I don't know if it would be worth the costs to replace either the screen or the GPU depending on what you discover plugging in an external display. Sorry ;-{

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I asked close to the same question here, see if it helps you:

Has artifacts attached to the desktop icons and mouse pointer..

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I never got mine fixed.


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