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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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CPU Upgrade question. Help Me..!

Mac Pro Late 2013 CPU Replacement 'Mac Pro Late 2013 CPU Replacement

STEP 23.

I can not remove the screws . A screw is changed shape ....

What can I do ? Any help?. I am going wrong ..

Thanks so much...!

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What do you mean it's changed shape?? The screws are Torx screws (T10). Are you using the correct screwdriver here? Some poeple confuse the Torx for Allen or Spline which are different.


There are also T7 screws. How about a picture or tell us what step on the guide you are having issues with. Did you strip a screw out?


I know this is old but for anyone else seeing this, the screws no longer have T10 torx heads. They are flat, no holes, no slots and you'll need to carefully use needle nose pliers to remove them (and replace with T10 torx screws like I did). I replaced the entire bracket and screws since they get a little scratched up during removal. Be very patient and careful to not slip and damage something on the board.


@spudnuts where did you get the t10 screws and the bracket???


I would like to know where did you get the t10 screws and the bracket also


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I think I know what you're referring to. A few months ago they started putting tamper evident stickers on the top of the 4 screws holding the CPU bracket in place. By applying light pressure to the center of the screw the torx 10 will puncture the sticker. It threw me for a loop too when I first saw it too.

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You are very correct! Apple added tamper tags. Their getting to be like Rolls-Royce!


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