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Part of the 15 series in Dell’s Inspiron notebook line, the 3520 model was released on October 18, 2012. The Dell Inspiron 3520 is a 15 inch laptop that is both affordable and capable of meeting a variety of needs.

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My laptop keeps beeping and th screen is black

its keeps beeping the screen is black when i open it up its black and that s all it does is beep

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Did anyone other than you have this system between the time it was working and the time you found it not working?


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sounds like memory problem. Try reseating the memory, take them out and put them back in. They also can be defective

Dell Inspiron 3520 RAM Replacement

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black screen and beep problem

i am already check and done all kind of solution like ram change , ram jack change, hard disk change cell change, all open the laptop and remove the fan on the processor and clean the processor chip and give the head 4 minutes and use thermal grease and re installed all equipment and check the laptop again on the laptop but problem the same .... this is not solution . you most give the laptop to repairing the repair guy........

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All computers have what are called beep codes, I hear one beep and know I'm good to go.

I can give you a link for your beep codes http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/e...

You need to count them, there is a delay between each error beep so you know the count.

Normally you will hear the beeps just once (they don't repeat) - Go figure the link claims Dell just continues beeping on..., so start it up and count em. Continued beeping could just as easily be a high CPU alarm but it sounds like you have that covered.

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