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02 jaguar xtype 3.0 awd Gear box fault shows up

My 02 jaguar xtype 3.0 AWD sometimes on the dashboard the letters gear box fault show up what could it be and how could I fix it

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My x type shows gearbox fault cruse not available,no reverse lights,no main beam no reverses sensors,are these linked or coincidental,does anyone know


i have the same problem with my x type 2.5 liter 2002 model


Whenever I see strange faults, it’s often time to change the battery.


This past winter as soon as it got cold, turned the key on one morning & low & behold: a DSC fault. Car starts & fault disappears by mine morning- but's it back in the morning. The computer monitors sensors using a reference voltage. If that voltage is low, guess what? Chances are a fault may or may nor be declared.

A month later had to replace the battery. Bought a MAXX H-7 from Walmart- an exact fit.

No more DSC faults. DSC Fault & everything else is okay = Look at your battery if it's over 5 years old.


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Alberto Castro, it may not be a transmission problem but can be an electronics problem. There have been reported issues with water entering the TCM, as well as transmission oil leaks causing the Gearbox Fault to show up. A Jaguar service tool will be necessary to scan the codes in the transmission control module to verify this. Check on here for more info.

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I've had this problem. The Jaguar dealership replaced the DSC module & 2 days later the DSC Fault returned. This was in the cold of the winter & the engine struggled to turn over.

Ended up replacing the battery & the DSC Fault hasn't returned. Hope this helps.

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Reply 23/11/2021. Get your Auto Electrician to check and replace the non conducting paste protecting the connector pins beneath the main fuse box in the engine bay near the battery. I purchased an Xtype AWD 2001 which suffered this problem and the paste had dried out and moisture was apparently causing electric crossing between the pins. This was resolved by removing and replacing this non conductive paste. I had many varied messages on dash screen with erratic dash readings. This vehicle has behaved normally for 4 years since that process.

Good Luck, Alan

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Get the exact same problem on my 2004 X-Type every 7-8 years. Why? Battery was nearing or reached the end of it's usable life. Usually on the first cold morning in NJ- not a moisture issue. Start the car & poof- everything is normal in a minute. Each time the battery is replaced, no problem for 7-8 years. In my case, a DSC Fault means: change the battery. Last time it happened, barely got one more start. Drove it directly to WalMart & replaced the battery.


Have been dealing with Gear Box Fault for a year now in my 2007 Jaguar XType, 3.0 . Dealer told me water was getting in that . What an awful design ! They shouldn't have made that were water can get in and why is it placed in a spot that water could get in ! Awful Design. I was glad to hear Jaguar doesn't put that design in there cars anymore, Thank God ! Dealer resealed it with waterproof tape and zip locks bags, never had a problem again !


One more thing, this is a common problem on XTypes, This " Gear Box Fault " indicator seems to happen on a lot of Xypes no matter what year the car is, there should have been a recall on this years ago ! Water damage is the worst and that is usually why you are getting " Gear Box Fault " as was the case with my 2007 XType.


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