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Repair and disassembly guides for Acer Iconia Tab tablets.

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acer a1-830 table not charging at all

My tablet now discharges when I plug it in.... it's not the cable or plug, I tried them on my other devices... Could it be the table t itself?

It's about 2 years old

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mnmmacd, since you already checked the cable and charger it is most likely your tablet. Possibly the charging port or the battery. You will have to open it up and check the condition of the port. Make sure it is still properly soldered on and that there are no solder fractures. While you have it open, replace the battery as well. Your tablet should be very similar to open than the A1-810.

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ow is the best way to open it...


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my sisters A1-811 just stopped charging recently, battery was totally drained too.

what i did was open it, i used my nail actually after watching a useful video on youtube, then just made sure the connections were in firmly (disconnected n reconnected the battery cable), and THEN i connected the tab to power, i think its the USB port thats messed coz it starts charging wen the cable is barely inside, like just wen it contacts the metal on the tablet...

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REPLACE For ACER ICONIA A1-810 A1-811 MICRO USB DC POWER JACK PORT 48.4VL21.011 this is the only option. buy this unit at ebay and replace it. 2 screws and that's it.

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