Monitor won't turn on, no matter what button is pushed, new batteries

My NIKON Coolpix L810 has rarely been used. Yesterday, anticipating using it foor the Supermoon, I bought new batteries (just in case) and headed out with it. I even brought my manual in case I needed to refresh my memory about its use. I've never had an issue with it the few (2 or 3) times I've used it. Great pictures.

So I get where I'm going, take the lens cap off, and turn it on. The power light comes on, but the monitor doesn't, and the lens doesn't come out. I think it must be the batteries (though they've seldom been used in two years), so I change them being careful to ensure they're installed correctly. Close the cover and retry starting the camera. This time the camera power light comes on and the lens comes out, but there's no monitor!

I tried shutting it off and restarting it, but it is today as it was yesterday - stored in it's case with the lens not retracted. To say I'm disappointed doesn't quite express it. I have read the tech about the power saving mode being on, but without a monitor, how can I assess that? Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. I love this little NIKON. It's never been mistreated (dropped, water etc) ever. It's always been kept in its case at home. I'm at a complete loss. I have a little 6mp Canon Powershot Digital Elph that I've never had a problem with in over 15 years!

This issue with my NIKON is a real disappointment!

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