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My startup disc is full

My startup disc was full and blocking new downloads. I took my powerbook 4 to a shop and doubled the memory but it still kept saying startup disc full. The person in the shop then said it wasn't a lack of memory but that everything was being saved in the wrong place and not to the memory which is all still available. I don't seem to have an option of where to save things when they download. I live in Turkey and can't get an explanation in English.

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Delete unused files

Your Hard drive (not memory) is full. The system needs 10-20% of your maximum HD space kept available as "free" space for temporary files so on a an 80GB HD you should always leave 800-1600MB unused. The larger the drive the more space you need to leave unused.

Do some housecleaning!

  • Cache files can always be deleted, they can easily become quite large (internet browser and iMovie/FinalCut caches for example)
  • Unused applications can be deleted
  • Unused images, movies,large PDF and other file types (.dmg, .PPT or .PPS, iTunes & podcasts) can also take up lots of room.
  • Compress your email and delete old emails with attachments.
  • Maybe you've put the files in the trash but never actually emptied the trash?

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When your Mac has been used for a long time. If you do not clean the junk files on Mac often, your Mac's startup disk space will be filled. At this time, you only need to clean up your Mac to solve this problem. You can clean up your startup disk space based on the following ten aspects.

1. Remove old iOS backups

2. Remove iOS software updates

3. Remove unnecessary applications

4. Clean up the cache file on Mac

5. Delete unnecessary language packs

6. Delete the old iTunes library backup

7. Clean up your photo library

8. Clean up your downloads, movies, and music folders

9. Clean up your desktop

10. Empty out the trash can


If you find it difficult to clean these ones manually, you can download some Mac cleanup tools (such as my recently used iMyMac's Mac Cleaner software) to help you clean up these things.

Read More:'''Startup Disk Full on Mac, Full Solution in Here!'''

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